Hero Commander

In Hero Commander your main target is to recruit units and unlock fantasy heroes while you explore the forgotten realms. In this Fantasy Strategy epos you will build an impregnable and unbeatable empire...
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Hero Commander
In Hero Commander your main target is to recruit units and unlock fantasy heroes while you explore the forgotten realms. In this Fantasy Strategy epos you will build an impregnable and unbeatable empire that defeats anything and anyone that dares to defy your orders.

Rule over your very own kingdom...
Hero Commander is a strategy game that was inspired by other classic franchises.

Want a blademaster that is particularly handy with swords? Are you looking to conquer the fantasy online world with the help of an icy witch? Simply unlock new characters by collecting in-game relics in this free-to-play browser game and complete missions.

Each and every quest presented to you by non-playing characters (short: NPCs) will be a new challenge for you to play through.

Become a legendary fighter... as a Hero Commander there are different units for you to recruit.

When heading into battle you will be challenging other players and clans, it is important to keep in mind that all types of warriors play their own and specific role.

While dragons are the most feared fantasy race in the browser game, they too have their weak points and are vulnerable to certain attacks.

From Frost to Undead to Two-Headed Dragons: Make sure to use each dragon most efficiently and not waste resources by putting the wrong troops at the front of the battle. You can also train various knights, archers and soldiers.

Heroes can be recruited to take some weight off your shoulders and represent you during times of war. Every building you construct has its own purpose in Hero Commander, whether that’s the blacksmith, training ground or merchant’s guild.

Picking the right hero to boost your units can easily turn the tide of battle and give you a leg up on the competition.

Just a few examples so you know what the free-to-play strategy game has to offer: the Storm Captain summons ghost ships to mow down opposing forces, the Blood Demon lives up to its name by wreaking havoc and leaving behind a bloody mess while Windwalker is in close touch with nature to unleash magical powers.

Also try to get a Hero (find it at the Tavern), as Heros will be able to cast deadly spells, but overall increases the power of the rest of your warriors.

The Heroes in Hero Commander

Axe King

Even when measured by Orc standards, Axe King also has an awesome passion for fighting. He likes fighting in the middle of the battlefield, wielding his huge axe to storm the enemies. Few enemies like confronting him and prefer to launch a sudden attack from afar.

But aggression doesn't necessarily mean stupidity. As one of the Orc leaders, Axe King also has adequate wisdom and powerful determination. To enable the Orcs at a disadvantage to retreat and escape demons in a fight, Axe King developed a detailed plan. He boldly led Orcs to walk between two demon armies and successfully fled what would've been a crushing defeat.

So Axe King enjoys a high reputation on the continent of Azernia. Even elves looking down upon the Orcs may show their due respect for Axe King. After all, he is really strong. He earned his reputation with blood and sweat. Of course, Axe King is ready to face challenges from anyone. He likes showing off with his axe but doesn't care about whether the opponent likes it or not.

Skill: Counter Helix -- Passive attack. When hero is damaged by an enemy skill, counters on target enemy in front and 3 random units within 8 tiles around it.

   "Difficulties embolden rather than impede the brave. That's why us Orcs survive in this land despite of all the danger and horror we faced with."

Fire Magess

Amazing talents and endless pride make up the Fire Magess. She's pretty but willful and often unreasonable. Nobody could stand her irritable temperament. As a result, her elf clansmen sent her to the desert lest the entire forest be set on fire.

  She lived with herdsmen in the desert. After she grew up, she came to a coastal city in Azernia. Undoubtedly, she was an enchanting beauty by that time, attracting countless young men. It's a pity that all of them were denied by the flames. They were burnt and had to flee far away from her.

When the demon army approached, Fire Magess had her own mage tower built already. Her reputation was spreading throught the entirety of Azernia as one of the strongest magic tutors. Given her lack of a sense of responsibility, Fire Magess once refused to join the army that was resisting the demons. Finally Oracle convinced her. He swore with his life that, according to fate's guidance, she would find ultimate secrets of magic in the fight. 

That was the only thing what Fire Magess wanted.

Skill: Lightstrike Array -- Area attack on any 1 enemy unit and 3 random enemies within 8 tiles aroundit. 50% chance to prevent enemy troops and hero from attacking or using skills. Lasts 3 turns.

Moon Knight

With a slim figure in the moonlight and fantastic beauty, this is the one they call Moon Knight. Blessed by the Moon Goddess, her Moonblade was given life of its own. It can find the weakest enemies on the battlefield and kill them without remorse.

To be recognized by the Moon Goddess, she went through gruesome training. She fasted and meditated to learn how to handle the Moonblade. On nights when the moon is full, she will stand underneath the waterfall to endure the chilling, swift current. Her devotion breathes from the inside and out and certainly cannot be doubted.

But the Moon Goddess refused to accept her and didn't even respond to her calls. This made her confused and distressed. Finally she had to go and learn the truth from the Lunar Acolyte. The demons were invading the continent of Azernia at that time and the Lunar Acolyte didn't talk much with her. She just said to her simply while packing for battle:

"You're just eager to get moonlight but don't want to become moonlight yourself."

To understand what the Lunar Acolyte had said, she conducted an unprecedented meditation session. When she appeared again, she had no questions in her heart. She actively joined the battle against the demons and tried to purify the land contaminated by them. She even reduced her time spent on praying to the Moon Goddess, instead loyally and bravely guarding the entire continent.

Finally when she suddenly achieved a state of grace, nobody felt surprised. She was already the purest moonlight and the hope of desperate people everywhere.

Skill: Eclipse -- Area attack on any 3 enemy units, prioritizing the unit with least troops. Deal 80%-120% spell damage.



The power of the wind is often overlooked by people. Many people can't even feel its effects. But when someone is blessed by wind's soul, she has the power to become an awesome figure. 

A gentle breeze blew and carried some fallen leaves, followed by green arrows with a terrifying gale to capture a group of people. This is the Windwalker's combat method. She's an elf favored by the wind. Even violent Orcs will weaken before Windwalker.

It's rumored that Windwalker is a sister of the Dark Ranger. They inherited different Elemental Forces from blood relatives and made the most of them. In this regard, Windwalker didn’t make any comments and has kept a distance from the Dark Ranger in public. However, they may occasionally cooperate very well with each other.

Many lords want to hire Windwalker because she's the most suitable Vanguard. During a fight, Windwalker will take the lead in shooting Shackleshots to gain a huge advantage and make enemies feeble. Hit by her Shackleshot, even strong heroes will suffer a defeat because they lose most of their power.

Skill: Shackleshot -- Frontal attack on enemy target and 3 random units within 8 tiles around it. Reduce ATK and skill effect by 25%. Lasts 3 turns.

   "In the name of nature and all its glory, we survive. The wind at our back makes us faster and stronger. With the power of nature, we are unstoppable. We never used to fight; we were creatures of love. But when nature is threatened, we do not hesitate to take up our weapons to defend our home. The time has come to fight!"

Dark Ranger

Fighting is not necessarily obvious. The arrows from the dark are really fatal. On the Azernia continent, the Dark Ranger is an assassin of the shadows. Few people have seen her real face. Only a fatal arrow announces the arrival of the Dark Ranger. 

There are lots of stories about the Dark Ranger, but nobody knows if they are true. After someone carefully sorted out the truth and investigated her history, people finally understood a little bit about her experience.

It's said that Dark Ranger is a descendant of elves but was born of Blood Elf magic. Her blood vessels were eroded by magic, turning her skin black and cold. Someone even said that the Dark Ranger was undead. She already died at birth. It was a long-lost dark spell - undead magic - that enabled the Dark Ranger to continue moving.

Dark Ranger didn't care about the issue and instead concentrated on refining her archery. During her fights against demons, the Dark Ranger provided her comrades with the strongest support possible. Her Frost Arrow can reap through rows of enemies.

Given her incredible battle prowess, people finally accepted Dark Ranger and regarded her as a great hero. The Dark Ranger didn't change her lifestyle however, instead continuing to walk in the shadows to look for proper prey.

Skill: Frost Arrow -- Frontal attack on target enemy unit and 2 units beside the hero, dealing 80%-100% damage.

Blood Demon

Blood contains magic, health and many other important elements. It represents mystery and contains unlimited possibilities. There are so many stories about blood that the entire book can't possibly contain all the fact. According to the some, blood is nothing. Just some useless liquid in our body.

The Blood Demon is an exception. He has an even stronger desire for blood than vampires. For normal soldiers, blood is the byproduct of massacres. According to the Blood Demon, blood is purpose of life and slaughter its only means. His life is filled with a scarlet color. He can't live a day without blood.

Blood Demon discovered earlier that blood could awaken internal powers. As a mixed-blood between the Orcs and demons, his nature contains double the amount of cruelty. Once the fight starts, Blood Demon can't help himself from bathing in blood. That desire is pure and steadfast, just like his faith.

According to Blood Demon, blood is holy. He doesn't drink blood but lives on it. Blood Demon hopes that he can let blood flow over the entire Azernia continent one day even if he has to bow before the Wing of Destruction to make it happen.

Skill: Bloodbath -- Frontal attack on enemy target and 2 units beside the hero that deals 80%-110% damage. Also restores its own HP.

Wine Sage

Drinking wine may mess some things up, but the Wine Sage is an exception. He can drink fine wine one glass after another but will never get drunk. Wine may actually enhance the Wine Sage's magic and enable him to cast spells to enhance his friends' strength. This is because Wine Sage comes from the East and is the inheritor of a magical martial art - Drunk Boxing.

Wine Sage originally intended to travel across the entire Azernia continent to taste various wines. However, the demon army attack destroyed his plans and directly drew him in the fight.

Given his optimistic nature, Wine Sage didn't take his difficulties very seriously. He drifted with the current for a  while, enjoying strong ales supplied to the dwarf army. Wine Sage didn't like to be at odds with others, so he always tried to avoid fights. What he was concerned about most was how much wine was left in his barrel.

Confronted with real demons, the Wine Sage realized that he was too naive. He underestimated the demons' cruelty and ferocity and could do nothing except helplessly watch the army's defeat and see his comrades killed. This left the Wine Sage with a scar on his eyelid and a lot regrets.

After the Wine Sage recovered and returned, he voluntarily stood at the forefront against the demon army. He quickly became a central force and scared many demons away.  The soaring fighting spirit changed him thoroughly and led to a new catch phrase.

"I'll kill you after I drink this glass of wine."

The Wine Sage always says that line every time he fights demons.

Skill: Elemental Force -- Area support that raises ATK slightly for 5 random friendly units. Lasts 3 turns.

     "I’ve always preferred alcohol to killing. That is until all my friends were slaughtered by those darned devils. This scar reminds me of their pain and suffering. I will not rest until they are avenged.

Now, I stand side by side with our warriors. Their fate is mine. One thing I promise: they will not suffer like my friends did. 

Come on you Devils, I will choke you to death with my booze. Cheers to a bloody victory!"

Sword Saint The Orcs have a strong physique and like using big, heavy weapons. He wasn't strong when he was born. The elders thought he didn't have long to live. Despite the doubters, he survived and tried to become a soldier. Unfortunately, he wasn't up to the standards as an Orc and couldn't wield waraxes or heavy hammers. It was a deadly strike against him. According to the rules of the Orcs, he was forced to leave his tribe.

He was gone for a long time. Nobody knew where he went. When he appeared again, he had an unprecedented weapon in his hand. It was a sharp knife between a blade and a sword that could turn into fatally chilling lights.

The best Orc Soldier challenged him but was beaten badly. Even the heaviest armor couldn't resist his furious blows. He moved like a ghost and couldn't be seen.

Thus the elder sternly unfolded the flag and gave it to him, granting him the title of Sword Saint. According to ancient prophecies, the Sword Saint would lead the Orcs to fight against dark forces. He is the brightness in the dark and symbolizes an unyielding spirit.

Skill: Omnislash -- Frontal attack on enemy unit and 3 random units within 8 tiles around it.Deals 80%-100% spell damage.

     "The chocolate pudding in this Tavern is to die for. Would you like a cup? You have to try it! Let me tell you something, there are some very strong heroes hiding in here. You can recruit them by using their lost Relics. As for me, Relics aren’t quite enough; you’ll have to bring me some more pudding before I even consider it! XD"


He was once heavily wounded and almost died while resisting demons. During his recovery, he was blessed by the gods. Thus in this era of dragons, he resolutely made a decision. He gave up his worship of dragons and turned to the gods.

People laughed at his foolish until a sacred book fell from the sky. It was a relic from the gods and ordered him to come and serve the last Oracle. Holy lights have accompanied Purist since then. He became a hope on the battlefield. However, he isn't complacent and has only positioned himself as a loyal agent.

With the sacred book's power, he can significantly improve his comrades' capabilities. His faith is so steadfast that it affects enemies. Many people suspected that a kind of spell was contained in the sacred book. That was the secret of his strength. But when he turned the pages in public, the book was blank. Those who were most eager to look finally found a line of small characters at the corner of its cover:

"Text is too simple and can't carry the entire truth. Justice has no answer, either. It's only a choice."

The All-Rider bathes in pure faith. He'll never get confused.

: Guardian Angel -- Area support that adds Bronze Shield to itself and 2 units to its left and right. Lasts 3 turns.

    "The renegade dragon bring nothing but darkness, fear and destruction to the land and we are no longer able to entrust our people’s safety to the dragon race! To defend my people and my home, I chose to devote myself entirely to the service of the ancient Gods. As the Gods’envoy, my mission is to lead believers in the war of good versus evil.
My task: To convey the hidden meaning of the scriptures to the people!"

Storm Captain

When it comes to the captain, the only word you need to remember is "legend". He was born in a simple fishing village and his path was laid out for him. He was going to be a fisherman like his father. Until one day, when the demons suddenly showed up.

All men of the village fell before the captain's eyes. They had all grown up on the sea and didn't fear battling against the demons, but the brave men were overwhelmed. The demons meticulously tore every brave fisherman to pieces.

The captain's father was the first to fall. His ancestral sabre was highly rusty. The captain picked it up and pointed it at the demon leader with his trembling hand.

The Demon Lord roared and its voice was like a rolling thunderbolt. Incredibly, it was lifted up into the sky by a huge water column and directly broke its leg. Nobody knew what had happened until a gigantic Ghost Ship cut its way through the waves.

The Ghost Ship crashed down on the demons as hundreds of ghosts climbed out of the ship to defeat the remaining ones. The captain of the Ghost Ship approached the Storm Captain, took off his hat and placed it on his head. He gently touched the saber’s edge and said to the dumbfounded captain.

"You must be stronger, my great-grandson. Now follow me. You are destined to ride the wind and the waves."

In a flash, the machete's rust disappeared. It emitted a soft, beautiful glow, like a beautiful work of art passed down to the younger generation.

Skill: Ghost Ship -- Frontal attack on target enemy unit and 2 units behind it. Deals 80%-100% spell damage.

     "My crew and I have been sailing through the dark blue sea for ages now, looking for a leader who will set us on a righteous path filled with battles and loot. Me and my men will only kneel down before a true master of strategy!
My long-awaited lord, is it you? "

Lucent Maiden

The Lucent Maiden is a genius when it comes to spells. She mastered the essence of Frost Magic early on in her life. When she grew up, she quickly became a symbol of wisdom and elegance at a very young age.

Undoubtedly, the Lucent Maiden is a goddess to many mages across the land. However, she doesn't care much for the complex rules of social life, and instead spends her time on learning more spells and constantly improving herself.

  When a portal to other realms was opened up by force, the Lucent Maiden was on her way to her next practice session. Affected by the presence of other realms, her magic powers were significantly weakened.The Lucent Maiden wasn't prepared for this and was almost captured by a group of bandits.

Fortunately the main character suddenly arrived and repelled the bandits. In order to express her gratitude, the Lucent Maiden joined the main character in his quest. With her Frost Magic, plus reduced interference from the alien world, Lucent Maiden's strength finally started to recover. She'll soon be able to demonstrate her awesome strength again.

Skill: Frost Nova -- Frontal attack on target enemy unit and 1 unit to its left and right.Deals 80%-100% spell damage.

   "Greetings, your Majesty, I am your most humble servant. 
Do you feel the power that surrounds me?
Please let me fight by your side! I promise, I'll pulverize anyone who gets in your way into tiny little snowflakes!"

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